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Why tire pressure is important?
Correct air pressure helps maintain normal fuel consumption, regular wear and tear of the tire, thus providing a longer tire life.
Tires wear out faster if they’re under inflated, and they wear irregularly if they’re overinflated. Low air pressure can cause damage to the sidewall, thus decreasing the load carrying capacity, and also consume more fuel. Hence the tire pressure should be checked regularly, at least once every month.
tire pressure checking
How to check your tire pressure?
The tire's air pressure standard for each vehicle is set by the vehicle manufacturer and can be found in various areas of your vehicle, such as at the end of the driver's door, at the bottom of the door or in part in the storage box at the door of the vehicle.
tire pressure checking
Use a reliable, accurate tire pressure gauge, place the gauge onto the valve stem and press down firmly. Your gauge will now show a reading of the PSI. Compare this with the manufacturer’s recommendation.
Adjust the air pressure to match the recommendation accordingly.
Note: Allow the tires to cool down after driving before checking the air pressure in order to obtain a more accurate reading.
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